ACI Employee Assistance Program

The ACI Employee Assistance Program offers confidential and professional services for employees and their families to address work-related issues. This site is intended to provide information about the program, not to represent or provide legal advice. As such, it may differ from the policy that your employer has in place or from information that is available from an official employer’s website.


Employers who offer an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) benefit their employees by providing a confidential service to help them with a variety of issues. Topics can include addiction treatment, work/life balance, financial and legal issues, and family and grief counseling. The EAP is voluntary and administered by a third-party organization, which ensures that confidential information is kept private.

ACI is one of the Top 10 EAP providers and provides innovative, individualized solutions for a range of personal concerns. Counseling sessions can focus on a variety of personal issues, including relationship problems, anxiety and depression, grief, and anger management. ACI also provides access to community-based resources for addressing emotional issues.

Financial services

The ACI Employee Assistance Program provides confidential and professional assistance to employees and their families in dealing with work-related issues. The program also offers financial services, including budgeting advice and tax planning. It also offers help with setting up an emergency fund. In addition, its counselors can provide information on child care, elder care, and pet care services. For more information, visit the ACI Employee Assistance Program’s website.

The Assistance Program provides short-term counseling, financial coaching, and care-giving referrals for individuals, couples, and families. These services can help reduce stress, improve mental health, and cope with life transitions. Additionally, the program helps employees find balance and financial wellness, and it can even assist with personal legal matters. Referrals are available for childcare and elder care.

Unlimited referrals

ACI is an employee assistance program that offers unlimited consultations, referrals, and personal service. Its services are delivered through various media, including online, text, email, and mobile apps. Its comprehensive benefits package includes access to a comprehensive employee assistance program and referrals to personal services, including child care and personal finance.

ACI is ranked among the Top Ten providers of employee assistance programs. Its innovative EAP addresses a wide range of personal concerns, including grief, anxiety, and relationship issues. In addition, ACI has a network of community resources that help employees manage their stress.

24/7 access

ACI’s employee assistance program is an innovative employee benefit designed to improve employee engagement, retention, and performance. It offers 24/7 access, HIPAA-compliant video therapy, and modern marketing strategies. Moreover, ACI partners with its clients to ensure the program aligns with their company’s goals.

Employee assistance programs help employees resolve life problems that may lead to reduced productivity and missed work. They help reduce health insurance costs, increase employee morale, and improve productivity. Employee assistance programs provide health insurance referrals, legal assistance, financial counseling, and work-life resources.