Gilsbar Employee Assistance Programs

For over 50 years, Gilsbar has provided exceptional services, solutions, and support. The company specializes in health, liability, and business insurance. While most people focus on the value of their homes, life savings, and other possessions, they often fail to consider that their income is just as valuable. Thankfully, Gilsbar offers affordable employee assistance plans that address a wide variety of personal and professional challenges.

Meets employees wherever they are

In today’s world, work occurs across a wide variety of devices. An omnichannel approach helps employees start and finish a task wherever they are. As a result, companies can better serve employees and improve their sense of fulfillment through their work. The following are some examples of companies that have embraced the omnichannel approach to improve employee health and well-being.

Offers wellness platform

Gilsbar, an employee assistance program provider, offers a new wellness platform called Empower. It’s designed to provide the assistance your employees need when life throws them curveballs. Powered by Unum, the Empower program offers free assessments, short-term counseling, referrals and follow-up services. Gilsbar also works with you to set up and communicate the program’s benefits.

With this acquisition, Gilsbar will continue to provide its customers with more comprehensive wellness solutions and a streamlined TPA experience. The combination of Gilsbar’s care management division and its TPA division will result in cost savings and enhanced process efficiencies for Gilsbar’s clients.

Offers Patient Advocacy

As the nation’s largest privately held health and benefits management organization, Gilsbar is committed to providing employees with health care solutions they can use to cope with a variety of health issues. Gilsbar recently partnered with Regenexx, a leading network of interventional orthopedic clinics, to create a new healthcare benefit for Gilsbar employees. The new benefit offers employees a more conservative approach to treating orthopedic problems, reducing the high costs associated with musculoskeletal care.

Gilsbar offers a comprehensive, integrated approach to benefit plan administration, including highly specialized technology and a unique, in-house care management division. Through Gilsbar’s TPA, employers can create customized and cost-effective benefits packages and achieve member satisfaction. The combined services of Gilsbar and HealthComp will further strengthen Gilsbar’s ability to meet the evolving needs of employers and their employees.