Wysa EAP

The Wysa employee assistance program is a mental health app that uses artificial intelligence to help employees with mental health issues. With more than 10 million active users across 65 countries, Wysa has provided help to over one million people. The company works with over 20 enterprise partners to provide assistance to seven million employees around the globe.

It uses AI to provide cognitive behavioral therapy

Wysa, a company that uses AI to help companies deliver mental health benefits to their employees, recently announced that it has closed a $5.5 million Series A round of funding. The new funding will help Wysa expand its offering to employers and expand its therapist network.

According to Wysa’s internal data, 60 percent of the working population falls into the “missing middle” when it comes to their mental health. These people typically struggle with negative thoughts, isolation, and sleep problems. However, they are often eager to work toward improving their situation on their own. To do so, they can use Wysa’s AI-guided safe space, where they can talk about their problems and get help.

It is HIPPA compliant

Whether a Wysa employee assistance program is HIPPA-compliant is dependent on how it is being administered. While most employee assistance programs and medical flexible spending accounts do not create significant amounts of personal health information, there are still some considerations for employers. The best way to determine whether a Wysa employee assistance program is HIPPA-compliant is to review its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

In addition to offering a HIPPA-compliant employee assistance program, Wysa also integrates with existing employee assistance resources. For example, Accenture, which employs over 500,000 people in 53 countries, rolled out the Wysa platform to its employees. Accenture’s wellbeing managers customized pathways to local resources. Across the globe, Wysa has helped facilitate more than 100 million conversations on its platform and covered the lives of over 10 million people. The company’s app was recently named the best employee assistance program on Google Play and has been rated one of the best apps for 2020.

It is marketed to low-income and rural individuals

The Wysa employee assistance program is a unique employee benefit marketed specifically to low-income and rural individuals. The program provides financial support for individuals who cannot afford health insurance. The program is made up of low-cost plans that are designed to help employees pay medical expenses. Customers include Accenture Global, Aetna International, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, and the Ministry of Health in Singapore.

Wysa has a unique approach to helping users and offers anonymity. Employees are able to share confidential information with Wysa, which is a hallmark of this type of program. The company’s approach to helping its users has been shaped by feedback from 60 psychologists and 15,000 users. The company has 4.5 million members across 65 countries and has recently raised $20 million in a Series B fundraising round. The funds will be used to expand the program’s reach in its home market and in other parts of the world.

It has a three-state solution

Wysa, an employee assistance program, has its operations in Bangalore, Boston, and London. Its founder Jo Aggarwal first thought up the concept after he suffered a serious bout of depression. Today, the company offers a variety of therapeutic techniques, from AI chat to structured human help.

The company recently raised $7.5 million in an all-equity round from a variety of investors. The investors included HealthQuad in India and British International Investment in the U.K. The company is FDA-approved, and the NHS uses Wysa for online mental health services. Initially, Wysa focused on English-speaking users, but it is now offering multilingual support. The company currently employs 100-150 people, and its mission is to expand its reach across the globe.