Lyra Employee Assistance Program

The Lyra employee assistance program offers mental health help and support through a digital, global platform. It also offers on-demand courses and integration with your existing health plan. Read on to learn more about this employee assistance program. Founded in 2012, the Lyra program is contracted with more than 1,500 companies to provide mental health support for their employees.

Lyra’s global mental health digital platform

Lyra is a global provider of behavioral health benefits for companies. Its innovative technology matches employees with providers based on skills and availability. The company has partnered with leading companies like eBay, Genentech, Uber, and VCA Animal Hospitals to offer its services.

Lyra uses evidence-based treatments to improve employee health outcomes. The company works with 400,000 mental health providers around the world. Each of these providers receives a Quality Prediction Score, and they are then invited to join the Lyra network. Lyra also conducts ongoing assessments of providers and their effectiveness.

Lyra’s evidence-based therapy

The evidence-based therapy used by Lyra’s provider network has been proven to be effective for a range of mental health issues. Its services include onsite therapy, behavioral activitation services, and manager training. They are available for both individuals and companies through a single, comprehensive employee assistance program or a separate health plan.

Lyra’s evidence-based therapy is not just for employees; employers can also use it to reduce turnover and health plan prescription and therapy claims. Its services are free and are provided by a network of licensed therapists. Members of Lyra’s network do not need to pay co-pays or coinsurance, and are covered for the entire cost of therapy.

Lyra’s on-demand courses

Investing in Lyra’s employee assistance program can be a great choice for companies looking to boost employee morale and reduce medical costs. The program is free to employees and is confidential. It uses guided self-care to teach employees new mental health strategies. It also offers professional coaching.

Lyra has more than 150 short-form videos and interactive exercises to help employers improve mental health literacy. These courses are customizable, enabling HR leaders to deliver training to their entire workforce or specific teams and departments. Employers can also choose which courses are relevant to their business needs, allowing for an efficient and cost-effective implementation of mental health training.

Lyra’s expanded global strategy

Lyra is looking to expand its global strategy in order to reach a broader audience. It recently secured $200 million in funding to help it expand its business. Its clients include eBay and Uber. With the new funding, the company will be able to expand its global reach and provide services in 180 countries. As telehealth adoption increases in the United States, more telehealth companies are expanding overseas into countries with supportive regulations.

Lyra is targeting patients with a high unmet need. Its XTreo platform can deliver medications precisely where they are needed. Moreover, it has partnered with LianBio, a company dedicated to bringing paradigm-shifting medicines to patients in key Asian markets. The companies will collaborate on introducing LYR-210 into Greater China, South Korea, and Southeast Asia.