Magellan Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program from Magellan Healthcare is designed to assist employees in a variety of ways. Its Work-Life Web Services are designed to help employees manage outside responsibilities and stay focused at work. These benefits demonstrate the company’s commitment to its employees and their needs. Magellan also offers an extensive discount program for its members.

Work-Life Web Services

Magellan Work-Life Web Services help employees manage outside responsibilities and stay focused at work. The services offer a variety of discounts, free products, and timely information for employees. These resources are particularly beneficial for parents or employees who are dealing with difficult situations in their personal lives, such as the birth of a child or the loss of a spouse. These services can be added to a company’s employee assistance program, allowing employees to receive more support from their employer and other employees.

Whether an employee is looking for health insurance or looking for a job, the Magellan Work-Life Web Services can help. The services match employees with high-quality providers based on their needs. In addition to the benefits, employees can access educational content and interactive tools for free 24 hours a day.

Senior Care Management

Magellan Healthcare offers an employee assistance program with a blend of on-site and online tools that can help employees cope with their personal challenges. These services can help employees with addiction problems, aging parents, and other issues affecting their lives. Magellan also offers strategic guidance on how to deal with work-related stress and challenges.

Users of the Magellan website may be asked to provide personal demographic information or detailed medical information. This information is collected and used by Magellan employees to answer inquiries. This information may also be shared with other third parties and subcontractors.


The Magellan employee assistance program offers a wide range of life-assistance services, including childcare and elder care. The organization provides referral services and online tools to help employees find the best options for their needs. Its services also include on-site counseling, workplace management skills training, and empathy-building exercises. Its clinical staff are highly trained to treat mental and emotional health issues, including those caused by work and life stress.

ID theft

Identity theft is a serious issue that is affecting more people around the world. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, it is the second highest rate in the last six years, and it impacts millions of people in different ways. Many victims report physical, emotional, and financial stress. Some even report missing time from work.

Work-Life Kits

The Magellan Employee Assistance Program provides free services and resources to help members manage their lives. Employees can seek counseling for personal issues, family problems, and financial matters, including debt relief and legal services. These services are confidential and available in person or by phone. Employees can contact their Human Resources department for more information.