Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP Services

Mazzitti & Sullivan was established in 1983, and contracts with thousands of employers to provide employee assistance packages. The company is committed to helping employees maintain mental wellness and overall health. In 2016, the organization merged with Pyramid Healthcare, Inc., the largest behavioral healthcare organization in Pennsylvania, to offer employers industry-leading employee assistance packages.

Mazzitti & Sullivan offers comprehensive employee assistance packages and resources that help employees remain engaged in their jobs. The company’s counselors provide individual and group counseling for mental health concerns. They are available for consultations in the Central Pennsylvania area. Employee assistance packages are a great way for companies to engage and retain employees.

Mazzitti & Sullivan is an employee assistance program provider for businesses in central Pennsylvania. This licensed organization offers counseling services at five locations throughout the state. It also offers employee assistance programs to more than 400 work sites and 200 employers nationwide. The company’s redesigned website highlights its 30 years of experience and customized approach to providing EAP services to companies.