Mindful Messaging and Wellworks Employee Assistance Program

Wellworks offers employees a choice of care programs through their sister company WellBalance. Employees can use the company’s Care Progress Survey to monitor their progress. The program includes a wide range of behavioral health services. It also offers a comprehensive health plan. Mindyra is one such provider.

Mindyra’s behavioral care software

Mindyra’s behavioral care software helps employers understand employee health by measuring behavioral, physical, and social needs. The software also helps employers match the right employee assistance program to specific needs. For example, a CEO can match a program to the needs of an employee who has a high risk of mental illness. It will also provide employers with a way to compare their program with similar programs.


Wellworks offers a number of programs to help employees overcome personal challenges. Its sister company, WellBalance, offers a choice of care programs. The program’s Care Progress Survey helps employees keep track of their progress toward meeting a desired outcome.

Mindful Messaging

Incorporating Mindful Messaging into your employee assistance program can be an excellent way to help keep your employees engaged and on track. The use of this technique can include email, text messages, portal pop-ups, and banner notifications. The benefits of this practice are numerous. It can help your employees cope with personal and professional challenges, and it can help reduce the damage caused by chronic elevated stress. It can also increase your employees’ creativity and overall health.

Mindyra’s Care Progress Survey

Mindyra’s employee assistance program is a HIPAA-compliant online mental health solution that allows employees to screen for mental health issues and access professional and self-help resources. The system allows for quick and private evaluations and provides employees with access to mediation, meditation, and other tools.

Mindyra’s mental wellbeing library

Wellworks has developed an employee assistance program focused on the overall mental health of its employees. The program includes MindQ, a tool that assesses mental wellbeing in the workplace. It also measures employee absenteeism, presenteeism, and productivity. The company also has developed a knowledge management system called Knowledge 8, which uses quizzes and interactive gamification to educate employees on mental health.

Mindyra’s Incentive Tracking

Mindyra has partnered with Wellworks to offer its behavioral care software to their clients. The software, which is designed to help employees identify emotional health concerns, is clinically validated and takes about a minute to complete. This information helps Mindyra match programs to employee needs.

Mindyra’s Health Coaching Reports

Wellworks For You is a mental wellbeing solution that offers telephonic and digital health coaching programs. Wellworks health coaches teach participants how to use mindfulness techniques and breathing techniques to improve their health and well-being. These strategies include meditation, observation exercises, and breathing exercises. Wellworks For You also hosts Lunch and Learn events and virtual workshops.