Ulliance Employee Assistance Program

The Ulliance employee assistance program (EAP) is a confidential resource offered to all employees. It offers a wide range of articles and resources, including self-help guides and FAQs. It also provides access to a dedicated Account Manager. You can also talk to trained employee counselors through the company’s 24/7 helpline.

The Ulliance EAP offers counseling sessions, behavioral coaching, self-help tools, and workshops. The program also includes access to 24/7 critical incident support and a library of self-help resources. The organization also offers customized training and development programs for employees. A few examples include leadership training programs, executive coaching workshops, and wellness seminars.

EAP programs can help employees manage chronic conditions and improve their health. For example, the EAP offers guidance on nutrition, help managing chronic illnesses, and finding an in-plan physician for children attending out-of-state school. It also provides services for family members, such as mediation and marriage counseling.

Employee assistance programs are a valuable resource for employers. They help employees with personal problems, such as mental health or substance use disorders. The programs are also designed to help employees address their financial situation. They offer resources and education that can help employees develop healthier spending habits and establish an emergency fund. Ultimately, an EAP will help improve employee morale and performance.