Crosswinds Employee Assistance Program

The Crosswinds Employee Assistance Program can help you and your colleagues navigate the often challenging world of work. The program offers many services and events, including critical incident counseling, on-site therapy, lunch-n-learn workshops, company health fairs, forgiveness training, mission trips, team-building exercises, and strategic planning retreats.

Crosswinds Counseling

The Crosswinds Employee Assistance Program offers a range of services to help employees and managers deal with issues they may be facing. These include critical incident counseling, on-site therapy, Lunch n’ Learn sessions, company health fairs, forgiveness training, mission trips, strategic planning retreats, and team building. Employees who are seeking help can choose the type of service that suits them best.

The staff of Crosswinds is committed to helping employees develop strong coping skills and build a work environment that encourages growth. The Crosswinds leadership takes time to get to know each employee on a personal level and invests in their development. They are always interested in their concerns and strive to help them meet their goals.

Lifeline Youth & Family Services

Lifeline Youth & Family Services, Inc. is a non-profit organization that offers counseling and other services to employees. Its mission is to improve the lives of youth and their families through education and advocacy. The organization also works to address community needs and rehabilitate youth and adults involved in the court system. Its services include individual counseling, coaching, and consultation. The counselors work with the individual to identify the root cause of the problem and offer recommendations on what to do next.

The company operates in a large metro area and employs around 800 people. The organization is responsible for providing child care and other services to the children and families of the area. The nonprofit’s services help them overcome challenges and develop coping mechanisms that can help them succeed. The organization’s mission is to help children and their families live a healthy, happy life.