Uprise Employee Assistance Program

An Uprise employee assistance program can help you with a variety of mental health issues. The programs are designed to offer personalized solutions for mental health and behavioral issues. They also help you deal with critical incidents at work. If you’re looking to get started with your program, contact the state office of workforce wellness.


If you’re an employer who’s been concerned about stress in the workplace, consider the benefits of an employee assistance program. Not only can these programs help keep employees healthy and productive, but they can also reduce the costs of insurance claims and underperformance. Besides helping employees feel better about themselves, these programs also offer employers insight into their company culture, helping them identify hotspots and create lasting change.

In addition to helping employees cope with stressful work situations, employee assistance programs can also help workers make travel plans, plan a career change, and better manage relationships at work. Employees who take advantage of such programs often feel more engaged and loyal to their employers. This can help decrease turnover and absenteeism rates.

A good employee assistance program will provide a range of resources, including personalized content and confidential assessments. It should be easy to enroll in a program that fits your business culture and offers services for all kinds of employees. One such program is Uprise. It is a full-service behavioral health care organization that has licensed, credentialed providers in 38 specialties. Its Employee Assistance Program provides confidential assessments and short-term professional counseling. It is also free, and employees are eligible for up to five face-to-face sessions per year.


A new study from Uprise Health, a leading digital mental health company, details the challenges that HR leaders face when they are looking to improve their employee assistance programs. They often have trouble identifying the resources and tools that can help them combat the rising tide of employee burnout. Fortunately, they can get help from benefits brokers who can help them find ways to improve their programs.

One employee assistance program offering a solution to this dilemma is Uprise. This program automates the checking-in process and provides monthly wellbeing check-ups for employees. This helps employers gain a holistic view of their employees’ stress levels and helps them identify specific stressors in the workplace. Uprise also allows employers to prepare employees for these stressors by providing them with skills and resources to cope with them. In addition, the Uprise program makes it easy for employees to connect with a support coach who can help them work through their issues.

Mental health issues

Uprise is an employee assistance program that disrupts the traditional model and changes the face of workplace mental health. Founded by clinical psychologist Dr. Jay Spence, Uprise uses evidence-based technology to reduce stigma and provide employee support for a wide variety of mental health issues. It screens a large population of employees at a low cost and then recommends programs that fit an employee’s needs. These programs include traditional therapy, digital self-guided programs, and even mental health first aid training.

The program offers confidential and professional counseling to employees who are experiencing a mental health crisis, family problems, substance abuse, or troubling challenges at work. Employees can meet with counselors to assess their situation and develop a plan of action to overcome the challenges.