Virgin Pulse Employee Assistance Program

If you’re an employee at Virgin Pulse, you might be wondering if you can get free health insurance through the company’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Employees can use the EAP to get confidential help with personal, family, and work issues. You can also take part in the company’s Wellbeats classes, similar to those offered by Peloton, but without the monthly membership fee.

Live Well programs and services support well-being

A variety of programs and services offered through Virgin Pulse support the well-being of Virgin Pulse employees. These programs encourage employees to make healthy lifestyle choices and help them improve their overall health. They also help employees with chronic conditions improve their health and well-being.

As a leading provider of employee wellbeing solutions, Virgin Pulse works with companies around the world to implement programs and services that empower their people. The company’s proprietary technology embeds wellbeing in the DNA of the organization and helps people achieve their best. The company’s programs empower employees to create daily habits that improve their wellbeing, and ultimately power long-term success.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides confidential help with personal, family and work issues

The Virgin Pulse Employee Assistance Program (EA) provides confidential help to employees with a variety of personal, family and work-related problems. The program can help employees resolve marital or relationship conflicts, deal with stress, anxiety, depression, grief, and more. It also offers legal resources and support.

The Virgin Pulse Employee Assistance Program (EA) provides confidential counseling and information to employees in any industry. The goal is to improve employees’ well-being and increase their productivity and morale. Employees can access one or more free sessions each year with a trained psychologist. The EAP can also refer individuals to other resources.

Wellbeats classes are similar to Peloton classes without the monthly membership fee

The company Wellbeats is expanding its well-being programs by partnering with other businesses and consumers. Its platform combines exclusive content with technology to remove the barriers to working out. It offers hundreds of fitness classes, fitness assessments, and challenges online and through an Android app. The service is available to individuals with HealthPartners insurance and will soon be available to large companies with Health and Well-being packages.

Currently, the company has a community of a few million people who have signed up for Wellbeats. Since its launch, usage has increased by almost nine hundred percent. The platform works by asking you a series of questions to tailor your program to your fitness level. For example, if you usually ride a stationary bike, it won’t recommend cycling classes, but yoga classes are a better fit for you. The system gets smarter with each user and becomes more personalized as time goes on.

Earning points on Virgin Pulse

The employee assistance program at Virgin Pulse encourages employees to maintain healthy lifestyles and earn points for their efforts. Points are earned quarterly by participating in activities that promote good health, including physical activity. By participating in the program, Sandia medical plan members can earn $300 in HSA and HRA funding. Members can also complete health action plans and challenges to earn points.

To start earning Virgin Pulse points, the first step is to sign up for an account. After logging in, you can access the portal. First, select your company from the main menu. Next, tap the “Rewards” tab. In the “Rewards” section, select the month you would like to review. You can also filter by the month you want to review.