Workpartners Employee Assistance Program

Workpartners is a professional service that offers confidential and proprietary Employee Assistance Program. The services are provided 24 hours a day. These programs include Counseling sessions, LifeSolutions, Virgin Pulse, and RxWell. The program is staffed with qualified counselors who are trained to help employees cope with workplace stress and emotional challenges.


A LifeSolutions employee assistance program can help individuals and their families deal with a variety of challenges. Whether you are suffering from depression, anxiety, or stress, LifeSolutions’ counselors can help you find a solution. They offer counseling, financial advice, and other services to individuals and their families.

Virgin Pulse

Virgin Pulse workpartners employee assistance programs are a good fit for employers who want to invest in their employees’ health and wellness. These programs offer health coaching, medical management, and digital therapeutic interventions to improve employee engagement and maintain a healthy work environment. Administrators can easily track employee health data and provide preventive guidance and annual care tips.


The Workpartners RxWell employee assistance program is a comprehensive solution that provides employees with access to health care specialists and educational resources. RxWell includes six effective programs aimed at tackling issues related to stress, anxiety, depression, and physical activity. The programs are designed to address these problems and help employees stay healthy and focused.

Counseling sessions

Workpartners employee assistance program counseling sessions are confidential and provide a variety of services to employees. Employee assistance programs help employees deal with stress, family issues, and work-related responsibilities. Employee assistance programs also help employees cope with issues such as alcoholism and drug addiction and make lifestyle changes that will benefit their overall health. The program offers legal, financial, and coaching services, as well as 24-hour telephone support and self-help resources.

Legal services

Alliance Work Partners offers employees confidential counseling and referral services to help them deal with work-related stress, major events, and other challenges. Employees can use the services of attorneys, mental health counselors, and other professionals in a confidential and secure setting. These services are offered by phone and online. They also offer resources, referrals, and emergency cab reimbursement for employees who need it.

Financial services

Workpartners’ employee assistance program is designed to help employees cope with stress and other issues in their lives. It provides financial assistance and access to a counselor or other professional. The services are confidential and available around the clock.