New Directions EAP

New Directions Behavioral Health, headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, offers a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program (EAP) under the New Directions brand. Established in 1995, New Directions EAP focuses on providing holistic support for mental health and well-being, integrating traditional EAP services with innovative behavioral health solutions. Their EAP aims to help employees navigate personal and professional challenges, enhancing overall well-being and productivity within organizations.

Core Services of New Directions EAP

  1. Mental Health and Counseling Services
    • Confidential Counseling: New Directions EAP offers short-term counseling to address a variety of issues including stress, anxiety, depression, relationship conflicts, and grief. Employees and their immediate family members can access these services through in-person, telephonic, and virtual sessions, ensuring flexible and confidential support options.
    • 24/7 Crisis Intervention: Employees have access to immediate crisis support 24/7. This service provides rapid assistance for acute mental health situations or traumatic events, ensuring that employees receive timely and effective help when needed.

  2. Work-Life Balance Support
    • Legal and Financial Assistance: The EAP includes legal and financial consultation services to help employees manage personal challenges such as debt, estate planning, and family law matters. Initial consultations are typically free, with additional services available at discounted rates.
    • Daily Living Resources: New Directions EAP offers comprehensive support for managing daily life challenges, including assistance with childcare, eldercare, and personal services. This support helps employees balance their work responsibilities with personal caregiving and life management needs.

  3. Health and Wellness Programs
    • Wellness Coaching: The program offers wellness coaching and resources aimed at promoting physical and mental health. Services include personalized health plans, stress management techniques, and programs focused on improving overall well-being.
    • Health and Wellness Resources: Employees have access to a variety of health resources, including educational materials and tools that encourage proactive health management and wellness.

  4. Organizational Support and Development
    • Training and Workshops: New Directions provides training programs and workshops designed to support organizational development and enhance workplace skills. Topics covered include stress management, conflict resolution, effective communication, and leadership development. These programs are aimed at improving team interactions and fostering a positive workplace environment.
    • Critical Incident Management: The EAP includes support for managing critical incidents, such as workplace accidents or natural disasters. This service provides on-site counseling and recovery strategies to help employees and organizations navigate through crises and return to normalcy.

  5. Digital and Online Resources
    • Member Portal: New Directions offers a robust online portal that provides access to the full range of EAP services, including counseling, work-life resources, and health tools. This portal enhances accessibility, allowing employees to find and use the support they need conveniently.
    • Resource Library: The portal includes a comprehensive library of articles, videos, and interactive tools on topics related to mental health, wellness, and personal development, supporting employees in managing their well-being independently.

Unique Features of New Directions EAP

  • Integrated Behavioral Health Solutions: New Directions integrates their EAP services with broader behavioral health solutions, offering a unified approach to employee well-being that covers mental health, work-life balance, and wellness.
  • Personalized Support: The EAP services are personalized to meet the specific needs of each employee and organization, ensuring relevant and effective support tailored to individual and organizational challenges.
  • Data-Driven Insights: New Directions uses data-driven insights to measure the impact of their EAP services, ensuring continuous improvement and effectiveness in supporting employee health and productivity.

New Directions EAP provides a comprehensive and integrated suite of services designed to support the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of employees while enhancing organizational productivity. Through a combination of confidential counseling, work-life support, health and wellness programs, and digital resources, New Directions EAP offers flexible and accessible assistance tailored to meet the diverse needs of today’s workforce.