National EAP, Inc


Since its establishment over 35 years ago, the National EAP has been offering various services to organizations. These services help employees fulfill their potential, improve their mental health and promote a more balanced lifestyle. More than 50 customized programs are offered to employees through partnership with organizations. They are delivered by experienced clinical behavioral specialists and corporate coaches. Some of the services offered include leadership development and mediation.

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An Employee Assistance Program is a beneficial addition to any organization. It provides support and assistance to both employees and their supervisors. It also helps to improve the environment in the workplace. Whether an employee is dealing with a personal issue or an emotional crisis, an EAP can help them deal with the situation. The ultimate goal of an Employee Assistance Program is to improve employee health and wellness.

An EAP should be accessible for employees and refer them to the appropriate services and programs. It should also be able to measure its effectiveness. It is also important to provide information about the benefits of the service and the drug-free workplace policy. When selecting an EAP provider, make sure to provide specific demographic information and the type of service desired.

Farmingdale State College has chosen National EAP as its EAP provider. Employees can access a variety of services, including counseling and wellness counseling. The programs are confidential and pre-paid by the college. You can access National EAP services by logging on to the college’s website. Enter the FSC as your username.

National Eap pays its employees an average hourly rate of $265. Hourly rates may vary by location, education level, and experience. For example, an EAP employee who works at a large office may earn $265 per hour. However, if you work in a small office, your salary could be significantly lower.

Employees who are suffering from personal issues are less productive and more likely to make safety mistakes. Employee assistance programs can offer 24/7 telephonic access to a qualified counselor and other resources. As a result, they have a positive impact on employees’ morale and motivation. These programs help employees overcome personal obstacles and improve their work performance.

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