BHS Employee Assistance Program

The BHS Employee Assistance Program is a toll-free hotline that connects callers with a trained clinician. The care coordinator, a Masters-level clinician, then guides callers through the EAP process. The BHS EAP is designed to help employees solve short-term problems. Longer-term counseling is available through health insurance.

Employee assistance program

BHS’ Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers comprehensive, confidential assessment, referral, and short-term counseling services. The program also offers wellness and coaching programs. Its team of mental health professionals supports employees in times of crisis, general need, and other adversity. They strive to create an environment where everyone can thrive.

The BHS EAP is an excellent option for employers looking to decrease the costs of health insurance and boost employee performance. It offers a variety of counseling services to both employees and their families. Employees can also access professional counseling online.

Counseling services

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential mental health benefit offered to participating employees at no cost. The program provides short-term counseling sessions and assessment for employees facing personal difficulties. These services are provided by certified EAP counselors. They are also available to participating employees’ dependents. Employers either hire these counselors directly or outsource these services to a private company.

The Employee Assistance Program has a master’s-level specialist who can connect you with an appropriate service provider. Whether you call the employee assistance center or access the online information, your conversations will remain confidential. Additionally, if you use the Employee Assistance Program’s app, you can chat with an expert immediately.

Outpatient treatment

The BHS employee assistance program provides a continuum of mental health and substance abuse treatment services. The program provides access to a licensed mental health and substance abuse counselor, as well as educational workshops, wellness programs, and crisis intervention services. Employees can also access the program for confidential assessments and referrals.

Outpatient treatment is a common option for employees who want to address a substance use disorder without entering a residential program. A qualified rehab facility can adjust the length of the treatment program for the individual’s needs. It is also important to work with superiors to create a return-to-work plan before entering treatment, so that there are no misunderstandings or conflicts.


BHS’ Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) helps members manage mental health issues. It offers confidential counseling services and referrals. Employees can also access educational resources, financial consultations, and wellness and coaching programs. These programs can help employees improve their resilience and productivity. These services can reduce healthcare costs and improve employee attraction and retention.