MeQuilibrium EAP – Workforce Resilliance

In today’s complex workplace, there is an increasing need to improve the health and well-being of employees. From COVID-19 pandemic to the demands of an ever-growing work environment, many employees feel burned out and anxious. In response, many companies are placing a higher priority on employee wellness and building a more resilient workforce. A proven employee assistance program like meQuilibrium can help reduce employee turnover and increase productivity.

Workforce Resilience Suite

The Workforce Resilience Suite from meQuilibrium helps organizations and their employees overcome difficult challenges through a data-driven approach. The software’s dashboards visualize team risks and enable managers to take action quickly. Data provides managers with a better understanding of their teams’ burnout risk and work overload. It also helps them measure their results, which is important for assessing how effective a resilience program is.

The meQuilibrium system provides organizations with a validated, comprehensive approach to preventing burnout, early detection of mental health risks, leadership development tools, and a deep business intelligence package. The company, which was founded in 2011, has been using scientific data to develop its software. It applies neuroscience and artificial intelligence to understand the core capabilities of resilience.

Mood tracker

Mood tracking can be a valuable tool in the employee assistance program of your organization. Using meQuilibrium’s platform, your employees can access a personalized mood tracker that is personalized to each individual. Users can also choose from over 50 different activities and videos with expert advice and tips to help them build resilience.

MeQuilibrium is the #1 digital resilience solution for businesses, and is trusted by many Fortune 500 companies. Its system is based on 25 years of research and science and builds a protective shield for each individual. The company has been used by companies like Hewlett-Packard and Comcast to help employees deal with the transition from a corporate culture to a flat one.


MeQuilibrium, a cloud-based employee assistance program, uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver personalized learning journeys to its customers. The company provides services in 14 languages and helps large employers support the entire organization. The chatbot allows employees to share their concerns and ask for help.

The chatbot delivers customized responses based on the user’s mood. It also reminds users to stay grateful and connects them to other services.

Personalized coaching

MeQuilibrium, a personalized employee assistance program, is an interactive, web-based platform that provides proven techniques to increase stress resilience. This tool has been adopted by large employers to help employees manage their stress, improve their performance and make healthier choices. The platform can be used on a mobile device, which makes it easy to access on the go. In this podcast, I speak with Andrew Shatte, CEO and co-founder of meQuilibrium, about the benefits of this type of coaching.

The meQuilibrium employee assistance program is accessible to employees via an email marketing campaign and co-branded web link. Once employees sign up, they complete a resilience assessment and receive a personalized plan to address their vulnerabilities. The program also teaches participants how to organize their thoughts, understand their emotions and reframe setbacks. The program is accessible 24/7 and regularly reassesses progress. It also provides a weekly e-letter that surfaces topics relevant to work/life balance.