Magellan Employee Assistance Program

If you’re an employee of Magellan Health, you can access your employee assistance program through an online portal. There are several options, including LifeCare, CafeWell, Cognitive behavioral therapy, and Telemedicine. Below, you’ll find a description of each of these services. In addition to the online portal, you can also access your employee benefits through the Magellan Hub.


With the new integration between LifeCare and Magellan, employers can provide comprehensive support to employees who may be struggling to balance work and life. Magellan’s LifeCare specialists can provide expert guidance and personalized matching of employees with life management services. These specialists can spend as many as two to three hours researching an employee’s needs and match them with high-quality providers to meet their needs.

The Magellan employee assistance program includes counseling and coaching services that can help manage stress and relationship concerns. It also offers online programs to help with depression and chronic pain. Employees who use the program can benefit from discounts on the services.


As part of the Magellan employee assistance program, CafeWell offers an array of wellness tools that help employees stay healthy and on track. Whether an employee is facing a stressful life event or dealing with a medical issue, CafeWell can help. The platform is designed to help employees manage their health by bringing together a variety of online communities and tools. It also features video coaches and helps track activity.

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Cognitive behavioral therapy

If you are feeling stressed out, depressed, or otherwise struggling, you can get help through Magellan’s Employee Assistance Program. This program includes access to a licensed behavioral health professional and online resources to help you deal with your condition. These resources can improve your life and boost your productivity. They are completely free, and can be used by anyone in the company, including employees.

Magellan’s eMbrace solution is integrated with the Gallup Wellbeing Survey and offers evidence-based, digital cognitive behavioral therapy programs for employees. It also allows employees to get a referral to a care manager or therapist to discuss their specific needs.


The Magellan Employee Assistance Program is an online counseling service that helps employees manage personal and work-related issues. The company works with a network of health professionals to provide employees with a comprehensive set of health resources and counseling services. Employees can access these services at any time of day or night.

Telehealth is defined by Magellan as the delivery of behavioral health services through the use of interactive telecommunications. Telehealth services require interactive audio and live video. To bill for telehealth services, organizations should include the GT or 95 modifier in the CPT/HCPCS code. Organization providers should bill HCPCS codes with the GT or 95 modifier, which is the appropriate modifier for the provider’s license level.