Workpartners Employee Assistance Program

The Workpartners employee assistance program is a valuable resource for organizations that wish to provide reasonable accommodations for employees. The company is also able to help organizations deal with unreasonable requests for accommodations. Whether an employee is requesting a disability-related accommodation or a reasonable adjustment to work hours, Workpartners can provide help and guidance to make the process as easy as possible.


A Workpartners employee assistance program can help employees deal with stress and manage their mental health issues. Its services range from granting individual accommodations to helping employees return to work at their highest potential. It also offers organizational support services, such as teaching managers how to welcome returning employees and help them manage those who are experiencing stress.

The Workpartners EAP includes a variety of services, including legal support, education on financial and mental health issues, and access to care and financial counseling. The program also offers support through a web-based interactive series. Its services can help employees manage work and home. The program also helps employees improve their physical and mental health through coaching and counseling.

The Workpartners employee assistance program is a service offered by Workers Assistance Program, Inc., which has been providing employee assistance services since 1977. Its services include confidential and non-judgmental counseling, online resources, referrals, and expert advice on health issues. It also reimburses emergency cab fares for eligible employees.

Employee Assistance Programs provide confidential, professional services to employees and their families. They help individuals overcome personal challenges and improve their quality of life. These programs can be accessed online or over the phone, and can also refer eligible employees to outside services. Some of the benefits provided by the program include resources, referrals, and emergency cab reimbursement.

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