Optum Employee Assistance Program

The Optum employee assistance program helps companies address mental health and other issues through a variety of services. These services include Financial services, counseling and consultation. In addition, the program offers training and consultations. These services are designed to meet the needs of employees and help them live a healthier and more rewarding life.


The Employee Assistance Program provides access to a network of professional counselors. Counseling services are confidential and are available to eligible employees at no cost. In addition to its phone lines, the Employee Assistance Program also offers an app, which offers live chat and a web-based service.

The Optum Employee Assistance Program also provides access to Master’s level specialists who can help with tough issues. The program’s counselors keep calls confidential and provide five counseling sessions per year.

Financial services

NYU’s Employee Assistance Program powered by Optum provides a range of confidential services for the benefit of eligible employees. In addition to offering mental health and wellness resources, this program can also provide support when a personal crisis occurs. To learn more, visit the NYU Employee Assistance Program website.

Optum’s Employee Assistance Program provides counseling and information services to employees and their families. The service is confidential and available around the clock. In addition to emotional support, counselors are available to help employees deal with relationships, parenting issues, mental health and substance abuse problems. Optum’s team of experienced consultants is available to employees and their immediate families for up to five counseling sessions per issue.


Optum’s Employee Assistance Program is a benefit that employees can use when they are struggling with a problem. This program is staffed by trained and master’s level specialists who can connect you with professionals and network providers for a free consultation. You will not have to disclose your personal information, and you can use the app to chat live with the experts who will help you through your situation.

Whether you’re having trouble coping with your work and home life, or dealing with depression and anxiety, Optum’s Employee Assistance Program is here to help. Counselors are available 24 hours a day, and are trained to help you cope with any issues you may be facing. They can help you deal with parenting issues, relationship problems, and other mental health issues. In addition to providing confidential counseling, the counselors can also refer you to other resources in your community.


Optum Employee Assistance Program provides confidential counseling and advice services to employees and their families, which are available round the clock. The program is administered by professional counselors who can address a variety of issues, including parenting, relationships, and mental health and substance abuse. Watch an overview video to learn about the program and its benefits. Employees can schedule up to five counseling sessions a year for issues that are important to them and their families.

During this training, students will work with master’s-level specialists who can connect students with network providers. They will also receive free consultations from certified professionals. All communication is completely confidential and secure, which means the Employee Assistance Program does not know if a student is calling or simply looking up information online. They also offer live chat options so that students can get immediate assistance.